Minimum Wages in Meghalaya October 2022 Notification

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Minimum Wages in Meghalaya have been increased effective from 01 October 2022 by the Meghalaya State Government.

G. H. P. Raju, IPS, Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Meghalaya, Labour Department, has issued the Notification dated 21 October 2022 vide Notification No. LBG. 75/2012/422 of increased Minimum Wages in Meghalaya.

According to this notification, Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) has been increased with effect from 01 October 2022 for the employees who are working under the below category in all 29 Scheduled Employments in Meghalaya.

The Latest Minimum Wages in Meghalaya with effect from 01 October 2022 will be as follows.

Category of EmploymentMinimum WageVDA Per DayTotal Per Day

Applicable : From 01 October 2022 To 31 March 2023


Unskilled : Means work which involves simple operation, little or no skin or experience in the

Semi-Skilled : Means work which involves some degree of skill and competence acquired through experience on the job which is capable of being performed under the supervision and guidance of skilled employees and includes unskilled supervisory works.

Skilled : Means work which involves skill or competence acquired through experience on the job or through training as apprentice in a technical or vocational institute and the performance of which calls for initiative and judgement.

Highly Skilled : Means expert in the work requiring great skills.

Some Important Points

  • The revised rates proposed are inclusive of Variable Dearness Allowance but exclusive of other concessions if any enjoyed by the employees.
  • The existing task and hours of work i.e. 8 (eight) hours a day and 48 (forty-eight) hours a week shall continue until further orders.
  • The Minimum rates of wages proposed include the wages payable for weekly day of rest.
  • The rate of wages for overtime work shall be double the ordinary rate of wages.
  • The revised rates shall be deemed to come into force with effect from 01.10.2022 and will be revised every 6 (six) months by the adoption of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) linked Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA).

29 Schedule Employments

  1. Agriculture
  2. Construction and maintenance of Buildings including Public Health Engineering, etc.,
  3. Stone Crushing and Breaking Operations
  4. Construction, Generation and Distribution of Powers, Water Supply, Land Development Excavation and Reclamation
  5. Sericulture & Weaving
  6. Fruit Preservation
  7. Soil Conservation
  8. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary
  9. Forest
  10. Local Authority
  11. Public Motor Transport
  12. Saw Mill
  13. Plywood Industry
  14. Motor Workshops
  15. Furniture Industry
  16. Bakery
  17. Shops and Establishment
  18. Printing Press
  19. Sales, Distribution and Handling of Petroleum Products
  20. Steel Fabrication and Concrete Products Induding Brick Making
  21. Tailoring
  22. Wax and Candle industry
  23. Hotels and Restaurants
  24. Mines and Minerals
  25. Safai Karamcharis
  26. Employment in Registered Factories Not Elsewhere Classified
  27. Employment under Government Authority (Casual Contingency Employee)
  28. Domestic Workers
  29. Security Guard

Salary/Rates Calculation :

For the calculation of Monthly salary, you have to multiply the Total Per Day by 26.

  • Monthly Salary = Total Per Day X 26

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Minimum Wages in Meghalaya October 2022 Notification PDF

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