Minimum Wages Revised in Haryana From 01 July 2023

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The Labour Department of Haryana has revised the Minimum Wages for the state, effective from 01 July 2023. The Labour Commissioner of Haryana issued an official notification on 28 August 2023 concerning this change. Below, we have provided comprehensive details about the wage rate revisions in Haryana starting from 01 July 2023. Kindly refer to the full article for in-depth information.

Revised Minimum Wages for 50 Scheduled Employments in Haryana From 01 July 2023

Based on the Consumer Price Index Numbers, minimum wages are adjusted twice a year, in January and July.

By the close of December 2022, the average worker’s consumer price index stood at 3130.10. However, by June 2023, this had risen to 3183.00, marking an increase of 52.90 index points over the 6 months.

In line with section 5(2) of the minimum wage guidelines (as per the notification from 21.10.2015), this translates to a 1.69% increase in the basic salary for workers across various categories and in recognized professions.

Hence, starting from 01 July 2023, the revised minimum wages for the 50 Scheduled Employments in Haryana are as follows:

Class of EmploymentPost / QualificationBasic Per Month (w.e.f. 21-10-2015)Total Per Month (w.e.f. 01-01-2023)VDA Per Month (w.e.f. 01-07-2023)Total Per Month (w.e.f. 01-07-2023)Total Per Day
Semi-Skilled Class ANA₹7980.00₹11059.44₹134.86₹11194.30₹430.55
Semi-Skilled Class BNA₹8379.00₹11612.40₹141.60₹11754.00₹452.08
Skilled Class ANA₹8797.95₹12193.03₹148.68₹12341.71₹474.68
Skilled Class BNA₹9237.85₹12802.69₹156.12₹12958.81₹498.42
Highly SkilledNA₹9699.74₹13442.82₹163.93₹13606.75₹523.34
Clerical & General StaffBelow Matriculation₹7980.00₹11059.44₹134.86₹11194.30₹430.55
Clerical & General StaffMatriculation But Not Graduate₹8379.00₹11612.40₹141.60₹11754.00₹452.08
Clerical & General StaffGraduate or Above₹8797.95₹12193.03₹148.68₹12341.71₹474.68
Clerical & General StaffSteno Typist₹8379.00₹11612.40₹141.60₹11754.00₹452.08
Clerical & General StaffJunior Scale Stenographer₹8797.95₹12193.03₹148.68₹12341.71₹474.68
Clerical & General StaffSenior Scale Stenographer₹9237.85₹12802.69₹156.12₹12958.81₹498.42
Clerical & General StaffPersonal Assistant₹9699.74₹13442.82₹163.93₹13606.75₹523.34
Clerical & General StaffPrivate Secretary₹10184.73₹14114.97₹172.12₹14287.09₹549.50
Data Entry OperatorNA₹8797.95₹12193.03₹148.68₹12341.71₹474.68
DriverLight Vehicle₹9237.85₹12802.69₹156.12₹12958.81₹498.42
DriverHeavy Vehicle₹9699.74₹13442.82₹163.93₹13606.75₹523.34
Security GuardWithout Weapon₹7980.00₹11059.44₹134.86₹11194.30₹430.55
Security GuardWith Weapon₹9237.85₹12802.69₹156.12₹12958.81₹498.42

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Revised Minimum Wages for Brick Kiln Industry in Haryana From 01 July 2023

The brick kiln industry has also seen a 1.69% rise in the basic pay for various worker categories.

Consequently, starting from 01 July 2023, the updated minimum wage rates for the different categories of workers in the brick kiln sector of Haryana are outlined below:

Class of EmploymentPer 1000 BricksPer 1000 Tiles
Bharai Wala (Loading of bricks into Kiln)(a) ₹273.30 per 1000 bricks loaded in the Kiln provided the distance from the field to the kiln is upto 400 meters. Beyond this distance, an additional wage of ₹24.23 per 1000 bricks for every additional 100 meters or part thereof shall be paid. These rates will be applicable to the Donkey / Khachar loader only.
(b) ₹224.69 loading by the tempo, or any other Mechanical Driven vehicles is upto 1000 meters. Beyond this distance an additional wage of ₹24.23 for 1000 bricks for every additional 500 meters or part thereof shall be paid.
Keriwala₹48.54 per 1000 Bricks
Nikasiwala₹200.41 per 1000 Bricks
Chunaiwala₹12341.71 per month
Mistri / Coal Man / Jalaiwala₹12341.71 per month

Salary/Rates Calculation

For the calculation of the Total Per Day, you have to divide the Total Per Month by 26.

  • Total Per Day = Total Per Month ÷ 26

Official Notification

Official Website

For more details, you may visit the Official Website of the Labour Department, Haryana.


Q: What is the effective date of the latest revised minimum wages in Haryana?

Ans: The latest revised minimum wages in Haryana will be effective from 01 July 2023.

Q: How much increased percentage has been fixed in the basic pay of workers in Haryana?

Ans: 1.69 percent increase fixed in the basic pay of workers in Haryana.

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