Minimum Wages In Chhattisgarh-Oct 2021

Minimum Wages in Chhattisgarh October 2021

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Minimum Wages of Chhattisgarh has been increased w.e.f. 01 October 2021 by the state government. If you are an employee working in any Private or Government Organisation in Chhattisgarh then you should know about the Minimum Wage.

Let us know, what are the Minimum Wages of employees working in different categories.

Latest Minimum Wages for Shops and Establishments in Chhattisgarh

Mr. Amrit Kumar Khalkho, Labor Commissioner, Chhattisgarh has issued the Gazette Notification on 29 September 2021 of increased Minimum Wages in Chhattisgarh. According to this, VDA has been increased for the employee who is working under Shops and Establishments and Government Departments in Chhattisgarh.

If you work under said 45 categories which come under the Shops and Establishments Act like any Shop, Educational Institute, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, Power Plant, Steel Plant, Plastic Industry, Power Loom, etc. then your Minimum Wage w.e.f. 01 October 2021 will be as follows.

All 45 Unit names are mentioned on the 8th and 9th pages of the notification. Click Here

Class of EmploymentZoneBasic Per DayBasic Per MonthVDA per DayVDA Per MonthTotal Per DayTotal Per Month
UnskilledZone A320.008320.0056.921480.00376.929800.00
UnskilledZone B310.008060.0056.921480.00366.929540.00
UnskilledZone C300.007800.0056.921480.00356.929280.00
Semi-SkilledZone A345.008970.0056.921480.00366.929540.00
Semi-SkilledZone B335.008710.0056.921480.00391.9210190.00
Semi-SkilledZone C325.008450.0056.921480.00381.929930.00
SkilledZone A375.009750.0056.921480.00431.9211230.00
SkilledZone B365.009490.0056.921480.00421.9210970.00
SkilledZone C355.009230.0056.921480.00411.9210710.00
Highly SkilledZone A405.0010530.0056.921480.00461.9212010.00
Highly SkilledZone B395.0010270.0056.921480.00451.9211750.00
Highly SkilledZone C385.0010010.0056.921480.00441.9211490.00

Salary Calculation :

  • 1 day Salary =Total Per Month/26

Latest Minimum Wages for Government Department in Chhattisgarh

Monthly and daily salary and variable dearness allowance of daily wage earners and employees working in various government departments as below:

Class of EmploymentZoneBasic Per DayBasic Per MonthVDA per DayVDA Per MonthTotal Per DayTotal Per Month
UnskilledZone A277.338320.0049.331480.00326.679800.00
UnskilledZone B268.678060.0049.331480.00318.009540.00
UnskilledZone C260.007800.0049.331480.00309.339280.00
Semi-SkilledZone A299.008970.049.331480.00348.3310450.00
Semi-SkilledZone B290.338710.0049.331480.00339.6710190.00
Semi-SkilledZone C281.678450.0049.331480.00331.009930.00
SkilledZone A325.009750.0049.331480.00374.3311230.00
SkilledZone B316.339490.0049.331480.00365.6710970.00
SkilledZone C307.679230.0049.331480.00357.0010710.00
Highly SkilledZone A351.0010530.0049.331480.00400.3312010.00
Highly SkilledZone B342.3310270.0049.331480.00391.6711750.00
Highly SkilledZone C333.6710010.0049.331480.00383.0011490.00

Salary Calculation :

  • 1-day Salary =Total Per Month/30

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