Minimum Wages-Maharashtra-January 2022

Minimum Wages in Maharashtra January 2022

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Minimum Wages in Maharashtra have been increased w.e.f. 01 January 2022 by the State Government. If you are an employee working in any Private Organisation in Maharashtra, you should know about the Minimum Wages.

Let us know, what are the Minimum Wages of employees working in different categories.

Latest Minimum Wages in Maharashtra From 01 January 2022

Mr. Shailendra B. Poul, Dy. Labour Commissioner, Mumbai has issued the Notification on 01 February 2022 of increased Minimum Wages in Maharashtra. According to this, Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) has been increased for the employee who is working under the below category in all Scheduled Employments of Shops and Establishments, Maharashtra. Minimum Wages w.e.f. 01 January 2022 will be as follows.

Class of EmploymentZoneBasic Per MonthHRA Per MonthVDA Per MonthTotal Per DayTotal Per Month
Un-SkilledZone-IRs. 10021.00Rs. 590.75Rs. 1794.00Rs. 454.42Rs. 11815.00
Un-SkilledZone-IIRs. 9425.00Rs. 560.95Rs. 1794.00Rs. 431.50Rs. 11219.00
Un-SkilledZone-IIIRs. 8828.00Rs. 531.10Rs. 1794.00Rs. 408.54Rs. 10622.00
Semi-SkilledZone-IRs. 10856.00Rs. 632.50Rs. 1794.00Rs. 486.54Rs. 12650.00
Semi-SkilledZone-IIRs. 10260.00Rs. 602.70Rs. 1794.00Rs. 463.62Rs. 12054.00
Semi-SkilledZone-IIIRs. 9664.00Rs. 572.90Rs. 1794.00Rs. 440.69Rs. 11458.00
SkilledZone-IRs. 11632.00Rs. 671.30Rs. 1794.00Rs. 516.38Rs. 13426.00
SkilledZone-IIRs. 11036.00Rs. 641.50Rs. 1794.00Rs. 493.46Rs. 12830.00
SkilledZone-IIIRs. 10440.00Rs. 611.70Rs. 1794.00Rs. 470.54Rs. 12234.00

Salary/Rates Calculation :

For the calculation of 1-day salary (Daily Rates), you have to divide the Total Per Month by 26.

  • 1 Day Salary (Daily Rates) =Total Per Month / 26

Official Notification

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3 thoughts on “Minimum Wages in Maharashtra January 2022”

  1. DEAR SIR,
    The chart which shows the salary structure in it ie in last column ( Total per month ) is having a difference in amount. For example as mentioned for unskilled (Zone 1 ) if you add Basic salary + HRA + VDA the total comes to 12405.75 and it is mentioned 11815. And this difference is shown in every row. Can you explain why it is show or it is wrongly written.

    Kind Regards
    Anurag Verma

    1. Hi Anurag,

      HRA does not come under the calculation of Minimum Wages. Only Basic and VDA are considered to calculate the Minimum Wages.
      So to find the Minimum Wages you have to add the Basic Per Month and VDA Per Month only. (Basic Per Month + VDA Per Month = Total Per Month)
      Hope now it’s clear.

      In the table, HRA is also mentioned because it has also increased/revised.


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