Manipur Government and Bank Holidays List 2024 Notification, Download PDF

Manipur Government and Bank Holidays List 2024 Notification, Download PDF

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Manipur Holidays List 2024, Manipur Banks Holidays List 2024, Manipur Public Holidays List 2024, Manipur Govt. Holidays Calendar 2024 PDF, Manipur Govt Gazetted Holidays List 2024 PDF

The Governor of Manipur has officially announced the list of holidays for the year 2024 applicable to Government Offices and Banks in the state.

Asem Rangina Chanu, Deputy Secretary in the General Administration Department of the Government of Manipur, has issued an official notification (LIB-101/1/2022-GAD-GAD/A) dated 08 December 2023 outlining the General Holidays and Restricted Holidays designated for Government Offices in Manipur. Additionally, the notification includes Public Holidays specifically for Banks in Manipur for the calendar year 2024.

For a comprehensive understanding of the holiday schedule in Manipur for the year 2024, please refer to the detailed information provided in the article below.

Manipur Government Offices General Holidays List 2024

Sl. No.HolidayDateDay
1New Year Day01-Jan-2024Monday
2Death Anniversary of (L) Maharaja Gambhir Singh09-Jan-2024Tuesday
3Imoinu Iratpa22-Jan-2024Monday
5Republic Day26-Jan-2024Friday
7Yaosang (Doljatra)25-Mar-2024Monday
8Yaosang 2nd Day26-Mar-2024Tuesday
9Good Friday29-Mar-2024Friday
10Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba)09-Apr-2024Tuesday
13Khongjom Day23-Apr-2024Tuesday
14May Day01-May-2024Wednesday
15Idul Zuha17-Jun-2024Monday
16Kang (Rathajatra)08-Jul-2024Monday
17Patriot’s Day13-Aug-2024Tuesday
18Independence Day15-Aug-2024Thursday
19Janma Ashtami26-Aug-2024Monday
21Jananeta Irawat Birth Day30-Sep-2024Monday
22Gandhi Jayanti02-Oct-2024Wednesday
23Mera Chaoren Houba03-Oct-2024Thursday
24Durga Ashtami11-Oct-2024Friday
25Mera Houchongba17-Oct-2024Thursday
26Diwali (Deepavali) / Kut01-Nov-2024Friday
27Ningol Chakkouba03-Nov-2024Sunday

Festival at SL. No. 3 & 16 of the above may be replaced in respect of the Hill District and the Manipur Bhawans, Kolkata, Delhi, and Guwahati by Holidays of local importance after taking prior approval of the Government by 31st January 2024. The above two festivals may, however, be included as Restricted Holidays in the Hill Districts and the Manipur Bhawans.

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Manipur Government Offices Restricted Holidays List 2024

All Government employees will be authorized to avail 2 (two) “Restricted Holidays” out of those mentioned below.

Sl. No.HolidayDateDay
1Uttarayan Sankranti15-Jan-2024Monday
2Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s Birthday23-Jan-2024Tuesday
3Saraswati Puja14-Feb-2024Wednesday
4Zomi Namni20-Feb-2024Tuesday
5Player’s Day25-Feb-2024Sunday
7Shiva Ratri09-Mar-2024Saturday
8Yaosang 4th Day28-Mar-2024Thursday
9Bijoy Govinda Halankar30-Mar-2024Saturday
10Baruni / Sab-e-Qdar / HUN Festival07-Apr-2024Sunday
11174th Death Anniversary Commemoration of Maharaja Nara Singh11-Apr-2024Thursday
13Kongba Leithong Phatpa15-Apr-2024Monday
14Mahavir Jayanti21-Apr-2024Sunday
15Budha Jayanti23-May-2024Thursday
16Kanglen (Purnajatra)16-Jul-2024Tuesday
19Jhulon Houba16-Aug-2024Friday
20Jhulon Loiba19-Aug-2024Monday
21Akheri Chahar Shumba04-Sep-2024Wednesday
22Radha Ashtami11-Sep-2024Wednesday
23Heikru Hidongba14-Sept-2024Saturday
24Tarpon Houba18-Sep-2024Wednesday
25Tarpon Loiba02-Oct-2024Wednesday
26Kwak Jatra (Dussehra)13-Oct-2024Sunday
27Mera Wayungba / Kuki Rising Day17-Oct-2024Thursday
28Chaga Ngee30-Oct-2024Wednesday
29Goberdhon Puja02-Nov-2024Saturday
30Gosta Ashtami09-Nov-2024Saturday
31Guru Nanak’s Birthday / Mera Waphukpa15-Nov-2024Friday
32Christmas Eve24-Dec-2024Tuesday
33Post Christmas26-Dec-2024Thursday
34New Year’s Eve31-Dec-2024Tuesday

Leave and Working Hours Policy in Manipur

Manipur Banks Public Holidays List 2024

Sl. No.HolidayDateDay
1New Year Day01-Jan-2024Monday
2Imoinu Iratpa22-Jan-2024Monday
4Republic Day26-Jan-2024Friday
6Yaosang 2nd Day26-Mar-2024Tuesday
7Good Friday29-Mar-2024Friday
8Yearly Closing of Banks Account01-Apr-2024Monday
9Sajibu Nongmapanba (Cheiraoba)09-Apr-2024Tuesday
12May Day01-May-2024Wednesday
13Idul Zuha17-Jun-2024Monday
14Kang (Rathajatra)08-Jul-2024Monday
15Patriot’s Day13-Aug-2024Tuesday
16Independence Day15-Aug-2024Thursday
18Gandhi Jayanti02-Oct-2024Wednesday
19Durga Ashtami11-Oct-2024Friday
20Diwali (Deepavali) / Kut01-Nov-2024Friday
21Ningol Chakkouba03-Nov-2024Sunday

Download Official Notification

Manipur State Holidays List 2024 Notification (PDF)

Official Website

You may visit the Official Website for more details.

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