What is Human Resource (HR) and Its Department?

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Human Resources is the set of people who work or give their services to develop a Company or Organization. They are responsible for managing the employee’s life cycle i.e. Recruitment, Selection, Onboarding, Training and Development, Training, Termination, Payroll, Compliance, etc.

What does the Human Resource Department do?

Human Resources (HR) is a bridge between Employees and the Organization. It is responsible for managing all matters related to employees.

The Human Resource Department is responsible for recruitment, employee paperwork, benefits, training, team building, and staying on top of current labour laws.

Here are some of the tasks the Human Resource Department does every day for Organization growth:

  • Employee Recruitment: The Human Resource Department has to understand the needs of the Organization before recruiting the people so that the required needs are fulfilled. It has to hire the best resource from the market in a specific budget.
  • Maintain Employee’s Records: The Human Resources Department has to maintain records like personal details, contact details, employment details, educational details, and other required details as per the organization and labour law requirements of all existing and left employees. The record can be in hard or soft copy mode. It helps the organization while performing administrative duties.
  • Make and Update Employees Policies: Every organization has its own policies for employees which are made for the betterment of employees and the organization. It cannot be the same at all times. Policies need to be updated after a certain period of time or at least examined. It is the Human Resources Department’s responsibility to make updates to policies and suggest changes if they no longer serve the organization and the employees.
  • Employees Safety: The Human Resource Department has to take care of the safety of employees in the workplace. It has to ensure that all safety measure is being followed by the employees and the organization or not.
  • Employees Relation: For growing any organization the relationship between Employees and Organization should be good and positive. The Human Resource Department puts efforts to create and maintain a positive relationship between employees and the organization.
  • Employee Training and Development: Training and Development is the most important function of any organization which the Human Resource Department does. It is very important to an organization’s survival. The Human Resource Department puts efforts to improve or develop additional competency or skill in an employee on the job one currently holds in order to increase performance or productivity.
  • Employees Payroll Process: Every employee has to be paid their salaries on time without any delay. Getting a salary on time motivates employees to work hard. The Human Resources Department has to ensure that every employee gets their salary on time. It is not an easy and one-day process task. Before processing the salary there are lots of processes involved like getting the correct attendance, reimbursement, statutory deduction as per the government rules, etc.
  • Compliance: The Human Resource Department has to fulfil the compliance criteria also. An organization has to follow employment laws or labour laws including applicable state and local regulations. Human Resources has to follow all labour law rules as per state.

How Human Resource Department Should be?

The Human Resource Department is the representative of any organization. Employees interact first time with HR only when employees start their career with the organization. So how HR will treat the employees, employees will make that kind of view not only for the HR but also for the organization.

Employees are the assets of any organization but still, they are the people so they need support due to illness, health issues, pregnancies, marries, or other social needs. The Human Resource Department should be supportive of the employees through any of these and other circumstances.

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