Minimum Wages Revised in Assam December 2022 Notification, PDF Download

Minimum Wages Revised in Assam December 2022 Notification, Download PDF

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Minimum Wages Assam December 2022 | Revised VDA in Assam From December 2022

The Government of Assam has implemented a revision in the Minimum Wages for the state of Assam, effective from December 1, 2022. An official gazette notification, dated April 27, 2023, has been issued to announce these changes. According to the notification, the rates of Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) for employees in various scheduled employments have been determined by a 100% increase in the All India General Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (base 2016=100).

The average Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the period from June 2022 to November 2022 has shown an increase of 4.47 points, equivalent to 3.61% over the average CPI for the period from December 2021 to May 2022.

Consequently, the Variable Dearness Allowance payable to employees or workers engaged in Scheduled Employment will be adjusted as per the specified rates, effective from December 1, 2022.

Class of EmploymentWage Per DayWages Per MonthPrevious VDA CumulatedNew VDA Per MonthTotal Per MonthTotal Per Day
Unskilled₹ 240.00₹ 7200.00₹ 2208.82₹ 259.92₹ 9668.74₹ 322.29
Semi-Skilled / Unskilled Supervisory₹ 280.00₹ 8400.00₹ 2534.14₹ 303.24₹ 11237.38₹ 374.58
Skilled / Clerical₹ 350.00₹ 10500.00₹ 3168.15₹ 379.05₹ 14047.20₹ 468.24
Highly Skilled₹ 450.00₹ 13500.00₹ 4072.65₹ 487.35₹ 18060.00₹ 602.00

Salary/Rates Calculation :

For the calculation of 1-day salary (Daily Rates), you have to divide the Total Per Month by 30.

  • 1 Day Salary (Daily Rates) =Total Per Month / 30

Official Notification

Assam Variable Dearness Allowance (VDA) Notification December 2022 (PDF)

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